Sunday, March 11, 2012

Information Designs Steps

The most important first stage in the design of an information systems project is knowing your client and making sure their wants and company information is portrayed the way they want and envision it to be . I would first research the company history, branding information what their mission statement is etc, I would also set up a brainstorming session with managment to get better understanding what their vision is as well.

The next site for a web based project would be a proposed site map , which would give hierarchy of page and site maps etc .

Design concept would be the next step this is where you would come up with the overall design and look of the page. Everything from do you use company colors in layout what kind of layout and how the overall page layout will look and feel.

With a web based page the coding would be the next process in order to have page go live. What coding are you doing use SQL, Cobalt etc. Once that is established you will be able to have page go live and have the domain name set up.

The last thing I would do is make sure a schedule is set up for maintence of site . If updates etc are needed.


  1. The elements in this piece have been arranged with Paisley curls that resemble elongated commas. They appear in different colors and depict perspective because of the overlapping of shapes that create depth and space. It gives the impression of 3-D. The colors seem retro (orange, yellow, pink, green) as it incorporated psychedelic influences. The lines are oblique and suggest movement and action while the shapes dominant the vertical direction adding a static orderly influence. In my opinion it gives a feeling of alertness and formality. Repetition is seen in the patterns of white/green dots and the different sized shapes of the curls seemed to clarify the meaning of orderliness. The lightness and lack of contrast depicts a sense of harmony.

    The designer is concerned with the elements and principles of art and design as color, shapes, lines, space and value can be seen in the design. Unity and balance create visual elements as calmness and organization appears to be emphasized. The purpose of the work is to show Information Design in a brighter light. To show symbols that are universal and content that is easily understood. The title of the work provides clues to the meaning of the work, “Information Designs Steps,” a logical progression of the phases. The designer conveyed personal experiences through her work, “What coding are you doing use SQL, Cobalt etc.”

    The chosen elements create a message that Information Design is exciting, even exotic yet, simple enough to understand. It visually portrays a symbolic link of harmony and balance within the different elements of design. The white dots stand out most when I first viewed the design as my eye was drawn to the greatest contrast. The design created variety as the elements changed. The repeating of paisley comma’s while changing their sizes bring unity and variety to the piece.

    The art movement that might have inspired this designer is Impressionism, where immediate visual interpretation of a subject is through color rather than lines. If I had to choose a title for this piece, I would name it, “Harmony within the Information Design Process.” I don’t believe that the quality of the design message or the visual communication of this work needs improving as it is clear and convincing. Also, multiple meanings are possible depending on the user of the design. The designer has accomplished what she set out to do.

    Your blog is short, sweet and to the point.

    Good Job!!!
    Danelle Wolfe

  2. I would agree that the information is presented in a clear and concise manner. However I find that the very bright colors and designs while attractive tend to distract from the message of the blog. I constantly found my gaze being distracted by the designs located in the background.

  3. First of all, nicely designed site. I like the color palette you used for you background. The shapes used in your background coupled with the colors really helps move your eyes around the site.

    I agree with your statement about knowing as much as possible about your client while preparing to create a design project. I also think you have some well thought out ideas for designing web based projects.

  4. Looking at everyone's blogs and the comments they leave for others has really made me realize just how different everyone is! I, like you, have chosen bright colors and designs for my blog. I base this on my own preferneces. I like happy colors, like yellow, pink and orange. These colors are what would draw me to a blog and make me want to read it. I understand though that others find what I find soothing to be the exact opposite.
    I agree with you that there is a lot of importance on knowing the needs of your client. Afterall, the project is for them. Understanding their needs and wants will help the designer know which path to follow.
    Great blog! Very nice design and clear content!